Education At The Crossroads
Schools are facing budget cuts, teachers moved into situations they were not expecting, demands increasing and student partcipation decreasing. Are you feeling stuck, burned out, or ready to throw in the towel? Steve provides Education Coaching for teachers, administrators, and schools. Often it is the small issues which create the largest problems. See how coaching, and a free no risk consultation, may be the start of a brand new direction. Please check out our Education Coaching Service.
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All of us come to the crossroads at different times in our lives.  When you're young these intersections are even more confusing and dangerous.  The purpose of this program is to equip young people with the skills they need to make smart decisions concerning which roads to take. Latest News
Steve has spent the last 30 years working with youth at risk throughout the City of Philadelphia.  Between his time as a teacher and as a volunteer with PAL (Police Athletic League), Smokin' Joe Frazier's Boxing Gym and other community-based youth groups, his program has changed the lives of thousands of young people. The testimonies of these kids Steve has helped are awesome    
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It's That Time of Year...
To help the kids again. With Philly schools in trouble and one counsellor per 3000 students, Steve's help is needed now more than ever. Please visit our donate page and see the various ways you can help. We are also offering the Entertainment Book again this year to help your family save big while you help the kids. Please give to something that really makes a difference! Click Here

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In-service education programs, large or small group training seminars, designed and personalized for your special needs, and opportunities for college internships. People of many different professions and backgrounds share their life changing skills with the youth directly. Job placement and training skills provided.
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Steve has a variety of presentations for 'Kids At Crossroads'  for the classroom, assemblies, schools, religious and community groups. Programs such as  motivational, instructional, as well as crisis intervention are offered for all ages of youth at risk.

There are moments in the lives of youth at risk where direct and immediate intervention is needed. Steve Fleisher has designed a crisis intervention approach which is very effective and very affordable
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We applaud the churches, individuals, corporations and charities for supporting Kids At Crossroads and providing the training, education and counseling our kids need.

When it comes to our kids at crossroads, we need them to have the directions to avoid dead-ends and to know what shortcuts to take that will lead them to the right path and keep them on the right track. The question is not whether we can afford to do this, but rather what are we waiting for?

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